Audio Restoration

Old LP's or reel to reel tapes can be digitally remastered using BNR Noise Reduction and other techniques to remove unwanted hiss, clicks and pops for an excellent CD. Take your favourite old records or tapes and make them new again in a CD format to use in modern equipment. You can still enjoy the music of yesterday!


At Hunter Audio we can arrange and compose music for numerous projects including:

Our ability to play numerous instruments give us the experience to write, arrange and produce in numerous styles for a variety of projects. Call and tell us what your project requires. We can also produce scores and charts using modern digital technology and printing to produce a professional musical chart for your needs.

Recording Technique Courses

For the recording engineer student Hunter Audio offers a full Audio Recording Techniques course at an affordable price. Individual training in the areas of digital recording, editing, mixing and mastering as well as study on microphones, MIDI, effects and much more are offerred. Please call for more information.

Contact us today about your project and you can arrange for a free consultation to discuss your needs.