Digital Recording

At Hunter Audio we provide state of the art digital recording facilities.

We use Pro Tools HD 24 bit digital recording with additional plug-ins including Auto-tune, D-verb, TC Tools, Focusrite, Amp Farm, BNR Noise Redution and many more for a Professional final product. We complete the process by providing you with a CD Master of your project.

Numerous microphones are available for your use as well as a number of instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard etc.. With over 30 years experience in the music and recording industry, we bring a level of expertise and knowledge that is hard to find in the Okanagan Valley.

Mobile Recording

The same care and expertise goes into any Mobile Recording projects that we take on. Ask for a specific quote on the services you need. Mileage charges may apply outside the Kelowna area.


After recording your songs in your home studio, bring the unfinished works to us for the final editing, limiting, adding of effects, mixing, mastering and CD Burn for the completion of your project..

Contact us today about your project and you can arrange for a free consultation to discuss your needs.